One of the most important days of life is the wedding.  The Wedding guests will not remember the escort cards looked like or what were the favours are.  But when the food is too fun and delicious, that is something that everybody will remember throughout. One should make sure that the wedding day must be made a memorable one with some untraditional menu options like donuts, tacos, mashed potatoes, cheese, chats and savouries. That entire guest would always remember is the good food that they ate tummy full hole heartedly. Below are the few choices for yummy wedding food ideas that would make the wedding more different and memorable one.

  1. Waffle Bites – Waffle bites are not only just the best option for breakfast. It can be made rogue and served bite sized varieties with dollops of sour cream, corn and cilantro during any cocktail hour.
  2. Baby Lobster Rolls– One of the most welcomed and an elegant dish is the New England classic Baby Lobster Rolls. This would be a better choice and might serve people better with a different choice of platter. Baby Lobster Rolls are unexpected dish that would speak for its taste.
  3. Pizza Pies- There are very few people who don’t opt for pizzas. But for a wedding, Pizza Pies would be the best choice, with Cheesy Dip and various toppings choices.
  4. Loaded Ladles – Lighter serve would also be the best choice with this type of veggie and Shrimp combo, placed on over sized Spoons so that guest can easily take sample of bit of everything.
  5. Popcorn Packets- Everybody like eating popcorn and the aroma just fills the place. Popcorn would be perfect for any pre-ceremony snack and small popcorn bags would keep the attendees satisfied until it is time for more.
  6. Churro Bites- Tiny churros would be best option for the desserts by adding the Cinnamon-Sugar sweetness spread to it.
  7. French Fry Cones- French fries on the plates would be old traditional way of serving the guests whereas, the cheesy or crispy French fries on the cone is a different idea of attracting the guests and making the occasion more festive.
  8. Cotton Candy- Hiring the Cotton Candy confectioner would be a great idea and even more entertaining to whip up fresh puffs throughout the cocktail hour. The adult guests will surely enjoy the treat too.
  9. Waffle Stack – Serving Waffle Stacks would be greater idea when layered with cream and sweet berries.
  10.  Mix and Match Ice Cream Sandwiches- Instead of going for the usual boring and traditional sandwiches, mix and match ice cream sandwich would be a great idea. The guests can create their own concoctions by offering different flavours of ice cream and cookies added up.

The above ideas would ditch the traditional way of serving the dishes and holding the plates on the hands. Leaving to their choice would be a great option and that the attendees would leave the occasion with happiness.

When you’re planning your wedding venue, a golf hotel may not be the first thing that comes to mind.  However, there are lots of reasons why a golf hotel could be the perfect venue for your wedding. Like golf courses themselves, golf hotels tend to be set in the midst of beautiful countryside. As they are welcoming guests from around the world all year long, and sometimes hosting the world’s golfing elite during prestigious tournaments, golf hotels are perfectly placed to offer the impeccable cuisine and service you need on your wedding day. 

Golf hotels also offer the ability to plan in a marquee, check out Crystal marquee’s based in Surrey, they offer a tailor made and bespoke marquee hire serive.

Beautiful locations

Most golf hotels are set in beautiful countryside, whether in the rolling hills of Scotland or the stunning coastline of Cornwall. 

• Find an area that looks amazing, often perfect for quiet walks with your loved one, dreaming of your future, picking children’s names or simply squeezing one another’s hand as you stroll by the sea. If you like walks, you’ll love a golf hotel.

• Golf courses are often built near the sea. The name for this is links, deriving from the old Scottish language. So if you’d like to hear the waves and feel sand between your toes, there will be plenty of options available! 

Brilliant facilities

Golf hotels are among the most beautiful in the country. Golf hotels are often very luxurious with everything you could ever need.

• Golf hotels tend to be more luxurious than your average hotel. This is because they usually attract a high calibre of guest: Tiger Woods is playing the Open and needs a place to stay; Simon and Mike are on a golf holiday to close a business deal together. 

• You could arrange golf for you or some of your guests. After all, you are getting married at a golf hotel! 

Top class service

Golf hotels can’t be beaten for service. They are used to servicing the most demanding of guests, so their standards are always high. Take, for example, The Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort based in Glasgow. Seve Ballesteros designed the course. If you don’t get a chance to play the course, at least find the time to walk over and marvel at the Waterfall Hole, the course’s 15th.  Hitting from above the green, this tricky little par 3 has a 60ft rock face to contend with. On the course or in the hotel, expect to be treated like a king. 

Marriage is the most important day in one’s life, and everyone wants it to be perfect. From decoration to the food you want the best in everything, but the most important of all is you. It is the most unforgettable day of your life, and looking beautiful is essential. But looking perfect is not an overnight game you need to prepare months before the big day. Before you start with the preparations, you should decide upon how you want to look and dress up. If you like long hairs, it will take months to get long shining hairs. If you have tattoos and don’t want to show them you can go for tattoo cover-up or removal, there are exclusive tattoo cover-up Las Vegas services available for covering up tattoos with just makeup. Similarly, if you like a particular dress for a specific size, managing weight for months will be the only option. It is necessary to take care of yourself for looking elegant on your wedding day.

Body massage

Getting a body massage with natural oils is a superb way to moisturize your skin. And healthy skin is the first step towards looking beautiful. It is better to start a few months before the marriage so you can get the massage several times. Fresh oils are available for different skin types depending upon what results you want.


Getting a massage will look after your body, and for a shining face, you can get facials. Just one thing to take care of is to go for professionals, choose the best people. It will not only help you look good on the marriage day but will also rejuvenate your skin for a longer time. Discuss with the beautician about your skin issues. Book your salons for months and don’t change in the middle.

Cleanse at night

You can’t go for facials every day so better do deep cleansing every night at home only. Go for some quality products or consult with professionals. It will protect your skin from pollution, dirt, and other harmful effects. Don’t choose some harsh ones as they will make your skin go rough and patchy.

Moisturize your skin

Marriage preparations make you busy, but it does not mean that you stop looking after your skin. Looking graceful is very important on your wedding day. Don’t forget to put moisturizer twice a day or more often if you have rough skin. It will hydrate your skin and will make it look healthier. Healthy skin is the secret to glowing skin.

Maintaining the glow

It is even more challenging to maintain the hard work. Taking care of your skin, following all the tips and products but just a few days before marriage, avoid all the chemical products and only use face packs and face masks. Using face packs and masks will enhance your skin and give it a natural glow. Try to use natural products like turmeric and sandalwood, and they are best in managing every skin type.